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When she holds him, there's nothing else in the world.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

[Instagram Post]

Hava plays a hundred percent, completely in his world. Talking to him in their own language or various versions of "Who's the cutest? You're the cutest." And yes, she believes he can understand her, and she's learned "baby." She legit tried to teach her grandpa.

And Michael just watches her--mesmerized, entertained, confused, loving every moment.

It's the sweetest to watch them love each other every day.

And it's so powerful, as she needs some joy this year. He's such a gift for her. As I've shared, diabetes has been really hard for her. There are lots of extremely sad, broken moments. Sometimes she's just really not happy. And then--her brother is ready to play?? And she gets to leave her hard moment and enter his world.

God really knows what he's doing, as he lays out the pieces of our lives. T1D is so hard, but he also gave her Michael this year.

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