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Well, hello. I'm Laura.

I love to tell stories. I love what's wild and beautiful.

I studied literature and history in undergrad and graduate school, focusing on Shakespeare, fairy tales, and the History of Mentalities, which prepared me to know how to research and write about worldviews of the past. I also attended the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop writing program in Dublin, Ireland. I began writing THE HISTORY OF STARLIGHT while in graduate school in 2007. After college, I dreamed of becoming many things before settling into teaching Freshman Composition courses and running a wedding photography business.


My poetry is published and forthcoming in a several journals, and my short story "Three Words for What We've Lost" placed honorable mention in the 91st Annual Writer's Digest Writing Contest, literary category. My second novel, a historical fiction and fabulism story based on my ancestor, placed on the short list for the Retreat West Opening Lines Competition and the long long list for the 2022 Cheshire Novel Prize. My novella "Blue Beyond the Sea" is available as a chapbook with Bottlecap Press.

I happily spend my days chasing my three children through forests and meadows, while covered in paints and baking supplies. My husband is the funniest, kindest person on the planet, and I'm dumbfounded to how lucky I am to have spent twenty years with him. Yes, I write love stories. We live in Oklahoma, and I often share moments of our life on Instagram.

IRL I'm a tall, over-eager person wearing pajama pants, loudly asking everyone personal questions. I just really want to know everyone's secrets and to catch glimpses of how others see the world. 


I'm always seeking adventures and hope. I love coffee, naps, and books.

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