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represented by Catherine Cho of Paper Literary

• Shortlisted for 2022 Retreat West Opening Lines Competition

• Long Longlisted for 2022 Cheshire Novel Prize


with the lyrical prose, immersive 

worldbuilding, and fabulism of 



Based on the life of my grandmother’s grandmother, IN THE GREAT QUIET is an upmarket historical story of 83,000 words. It is a genre-busting blend of history, folklore, hybrid-style, and romance.

Oklahoma, 1893. High Noon.


Oklahoma Territory, 1893. High noon. It’s the wild west, and in moments, the race begins. Minnie Hoopes flees her past, determined to establish a homestead in outlaw country. At the end of the dangerous race, Minnie, an unmarried woman, has land of her very own—but she also has the blood of two cowboys on her hands. A notorious outlaw helps her hide the bodies, and throughout winter, the sheriff keeps asking questions. When folks start accusing her neighbors, Minnie must decide to either turn herself in—and lose her land—or protect her neighbors from impending vigilante law. Haunted by her secrets, during the long winter nights isolated on her homestead, Minnie hears voices whispering across the prairie. She wonders if she’s losing her grip on her sanity or linking with ancestral memory. In order to survive the wild west, Minnie must reconcile her past, figure out who she can trust, and choose what kind of friend she wants to be. IN THE GREAT QUIET is a dual-timeline, feminist story about memory and perception, isolation versus community, and one’s elemental, propulsive search for home.

Novel - Historical Fiction and Fabulism

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