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VSS: very short stories or poems


I'm not a poet.


But, I'm navigating poetry craft to strengthen my lyrical prose. Check back for a post about that journey. And feel free to read below for some of my haphazardly-jotted, very short stories.

Come & join.

It's a playful & easy way to start a writing session. 



a mother can’t weather

all the voices

she watches for rhythm in the wind

questions water about immortality

scouts for earthlight

cloudburst, atmospheric pressure, fog

she wants


nothing, twilight

then perhaps she'll blink into



February 2, 2021

#nothing #lightning #blink #want

a thousand falling stars


legend says, yarrow restores

it’s a thousand falling stars

fizzling through your blood like

bursting suns


crush a bobbing moon of blooms, chew

plant them

within my body

heal me


seven-year love, snake grass, arrowroot


words are stories


January 31, 2021

#legend #fallingstar #word

sleep a year


when I woke from a three hundred and twenty-day sleep, it was by automaton. i heard the rattling breaths of the diseased; i felt the howl of society pound against my bones. it was as if the potters reshaped the terrain again & again, but the world continued to melt.


January 28, 2021



faraway, there are many borderlands; i trespass between memory, truth


January 30, 2021

#faraway #10wordjournal

the hollow


open the gate, follow the path, turn right. remember? a hollow is just beyond


we search for magic holes to slip inside. the wind mumbles but no leaves shift. brambles snag ideals; the forest keeps absorbing


It’s okay. we’ll look for doorways again tomorrow.


January 29, 2021



the science skeptic's guide to bundling up:

untamed emotions work best. a base of selfishness & then loose layers of pride & ignorance. a shoddy layer of questions does nicely & then perhaps some anger coiled round your neck


be prepared. you'll probably still be cold

February 17, 2021



you set off on your quest at eventide, to harvest a basket of starshine and moonbeams


February 21, 2021

#eventide #quest


it's quiet after the snow

the path is hushed


the grass frail and drowsy, fawn-brown

and soundless

your boots sink into mud as if

past is sticky, as if

there's something below

a cave or burrow or fairy hollow

that pauses time and you plunge beyond


February 22

#vss365 #bardbits



to survive, she learned to fly with ghosts

her magic was

existing in two places at once


the ghosts were long, stretched things

like wispy cotton balls

alabaster & stone


tugged backward

unable to lift time


they braided her into memory


she never did learn to hover

 January 27, 2021

#lift #stone #braid